Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts in Internet Explorer

Keyboard shortcuts make it possible to navigate the Internet Explorer user interface without having to move your hand away from the mouse.

Internet Explorer 8 supports virtually all of the keyboard shortcuts supported by earlier Internet Explorer versions, but it also adds a slew of new shortcuts related to new functionality in this version.

Below Table summarizes the Internet Explorer 8 keyboard shortcuts from MAYA Idea.

Keyboard Shortcut Fungtion
1. Alt+left arrow key
2. Alt+right arrow key
3. Esc
4. F5 or Ctrl+R or Ctrl+F5
5. Alt+Home
6. Alt+D
7. Ctrl+Ente
8. Spacebar
9. Shift+spacebar
10. Alt+F4
11. Ctrl+D
12. Alt+N
13. Shift+F10
14. Shift+mouse click
15. Ctrl+mouse click
16. Ctrl+Shift+mouse click
17. Ctrl+T
18. Alt+Enter
19. Ctrl+Tab
20. Ctrl+Shift+Tab
21. Ctrl+W
22. Ctrl+x
Navigate to the previous page.
Navigate to the next page.
Stop the current page from loading.
Refresh (reload) the current page.
Go to your home page.
Select the address bar.
Automatically add www and .com to what you typed in the address bar.
Scroll down the Web page.
Scroll up the Web page.
Close the current window.
Add the current page to your Favorites list.
Select the information bar.
Open the context menu for the currently selected item.
Open the link in a new window.
Open the link in a new tab but do not select that tab.
Open the link in new tab and navigate to that tab.
Open a new tab.
Open a new tab from the address bar.
Switch between available tabs.
Switch between available tabs in the opposite direction.
Close the current tab (or current window if no tabs are open).
(where x represents the Switch to a particular tab number of the tab, as numbered from 1 to 8)

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Keyboard Shortcuts in Internet Explorer

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