Monday, September 26, 2011

Even in throwing a party

In any project, the first step is always the hardest. However, once you overcome the first step, everything will fall into place. Well, not all the time. Things can still be topsy-turvy even if you’ve outlined the things to make your fantastic idea a reality for in-maya.

Even in throwing a party, all the preparations needed can leave you cursing this responsibility. Relieve yourself from agony and stop being a martyr. Holler for a friend or two to be your aide. Not to worry about who’ll take the credits because you’ll be playing boss here. Pretend that you have your own events company. Having friends around will save you from over milking your brain for ideas.

Brainstorming is a great way to pool in creative approaches to a problem. Share your ideas and highlight the complexities. Be open to extreme propositions. Facilitate and lead them to what you want to achieve. After you come up with brilliant and feasible suggestions, designate the tasks. Logistics is the main dirty work. One of the tedious jobs in hosting a party is selecting your guests. This job also involves making the invitations and double-checking their contact information.

Next to that is arranging the venue. Even if it is your home, you will still have to consider its availability on the targeted date of the party. What if your roommate’s folks are visiting on that day? Include alternative party venues in your brainstorming, so are emergency protocols if the unimaginable happened. Ask your team to report the progress of their assignments. If you only have one partner, then equally divide the tasks and regularly consult each other. With a team, everyone can truly enjoy a great party.


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Even in throwing a party

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