Friday, September 30, 2011

No one on the sidewalks in cars

Well, didn't sleep much last night. Started the day today with more questions and still no answers. Strange sounds coming out of the woods surrounding the house, loud screeching and ungodly inhuman screams and moans.

I didn't sleep much after that. I exercised extreme caution today as a explored outside the house and I still have no recollection of who I am. I found keys to the car outside, (and apparently I know how to drive a car), and drove around a little bit.

I didn't see very much at first, but soon I started seeing cars and trucks along the road empty, against my better judgement I got out and inspected a few of them and they appeared to have just been abandoned, some were even still running and I have to say that left me with quite an eerie feeling.

I drove around for quite awhile and realized that I seemed to know where I was going and I finally ended up in a small town. I needed gas so I decided to look for a station and as I drove around I started to notice that I wasn't seeing any people, no one on the sidewalks, in cars, or in any of the stores. I finally found a gas station and pulled up to the gas pump and wondered if the pump would even work and luckily it did, so I filled the car up and walked into the gas station to see if anyone was inside and of course... no one.

I at least grabbed some food, drinks, a map and a few other supplies and went back to the car. At this point I started to really worry, where the hell are all the people in this town? Why was I able to navigate this town without any recollection of it? What is going on? As I tried to figure out what was going on I noticed it was starting to get dark and with the noises I had heard the previous night I didn't want to be moving around after dark. At least not until I figure out what is going on.

I decided to try to find somewhere safe to sleep for the night and I happened upon a hotel and decided to check it out. The lights were on inside but once again there was no one there, so I helped myself to a room key and I'm hoping to get a better nights rest tonight. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm crazy, the only thing that convinces me that I'm not is reading the pages I have written in this journal.

My gut tells me that something is horribly wrong and that I should probably arm myself so maybe I'll look for something to defend myself with tomorrow as well.


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No one on the sidewalks in cars

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