Saturday, September 24, 2011

upgrade or repair a PC

Do not attempt to build, upgrade or repair a PC if you do not have basic familiarity with the components and tools used to do so or if you do not fully understand the directions provided in this web site. Furthermore, if your PC or its components differ from those described in this site, you should not attempt the installation upgrade or repair based upon the instructions in this web site.

Electrocution can cause injury or death. Never assume the power is off. Before working on a PC, disconnect it from its electrical source by unplugging the PC. Some devices can store a hazardous electrical charge even when disconnected from an electrical source, always discharge these devices before attempting service. If you are unfamiliar with a device or its components, consult with a professional before attempting service. Never reach into your PC while it is plugged in.

Serious injury can result from sharp edges. Your PC may have sharp edges. Use caution when working inside your PC.

Always practice proper and reasonable safeguards as well as those suggested by the manufacturer of the devices and tools you use.

Always wear a static discharge wrist strap and attach it to the metal chassis of the case.

The use of non-magnetized tools is recommended for use with electronic components.


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upgrade or repair a PC

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