Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why was the lizard afraid?

it was like a million dollar question to me.

I tried to wear the boots of lizard rather to say it in a better way I tried to imagine like the lizard may had imagined.
"He must have felt that I was a greater reptile who wanted to devour him"
The Lizard misjudged me,

For,I am neither a reptile nor have taste of eating house lizards.

We are too like that meek lizard and feel that the situation we are facing is abhorrent one but really is it so.Even the worst of the worst situation adds the shining gem experience in life which is most valuable achievement,some times we have a mere apprehension that we would facing hardships.

And in final words I would say,"If we disbelief in Sun then it would never shine."


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Why was the lizard afraid?

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